TAONas-LUAD: Marking a significant presence at the largest Biotech Event in Spain!

TAONas-LUAD: Marking a significant presence at the largest Biotech Event in Spain!

BIOSPAIN is one of the largest biotech events in the world, organized by a national bioindustry association in Europe. This event gathers diverse groups of people from all around the world (a third from outside of Spain). Over 5,000 one to one meetings take place and more than 850 innovative entities participate, including entities from the health, agri-foods and sustainability areas.

The 2023 edition was held in Barcelona from the 26th to 28th of September and ended with record-breaking attendance figures (more than 2,100 attendees and more than 220 exhibitors came together during this three-day congress).

Members of the TAONas-LUAD project consortium were present: Diana Domínguez, New Ventures Project Manager, and Peter Stienen, Translational Research Manager, from the Technology and Business Development Office at the Centre for Genomic Regulation (Barcelona).

Diana and Peter also shared their experience at BioSpain 2023 answering a couple of relevant questions regarding the conference and their participation:

What was your mission there regarding the TAONas-LUAD project?

Our objective was establishing contacts with relevant stakeholders within the field of RNA therapeutics and oncology clinical management that could support the maturation of the technology (CROs that could perform (pre)clinical studies, RNA delivery technologies), as well as to check the pulse on the level of interest venture capital investment firms and pharmaceutical companies have in our technology.

Why do you think it was important for TAONas-LUAD project to be in BioSpain 2023? Which were the opportunities you expected to find there?

BioSpain was key to promote the value, within the European innovation ecosystem, of the TAONas-LUAD technology and the progress made since the start of the EIC Transition project. Also, BioSpain was the perfect scenario to identify the complementary capabilities that the TAONas-LUAD project and team would benefit from, as well as to understand the needs of the oncology industry and so their readiness for TAONas-LUAD technology adoption.

Are there any tangible results from your participation to BioSpain 2023?

Dozens of meetings with distinct stakeholders, where the TAONas-LUAD project was discussed, were held and are expected to lead, in the short term, to further discussion and collaboration between institutions.

How would you assess your participation overall?

BioSpain 2023 was a fruitful partnering event that met the expectations of the entire team taking part in the event. The BioSpain experience will pave the way for future pivotal partnerships and collaborations that will make TAONas-LUAD technology development thrive.

The meetings held during BioSpain were really productive and will serve to evaluate the relevance of the contacts made regarding the TAONas-LUAD project development. The real outcomes shall be assessed in a few months’ time.

This event was a perfect setting for ecosystem building, networking and understanding existing and future trends of the health, agri-foods and sustainability areas. Moreover, delegates from the TAONas-LUAD project are looking forward to see the results of the engagements and share more insights in the near future.