Changing the course for lung cancer treatment

Harnessing antisense oligonucleotides for a first-in-class therapy

Treating an unmet need at RNA level

A promising breakthrough for clinical oncology

The TAONas-LUAD project partners work on a new technology to treat
lung adenocarcinomas, the most common type of lung cancer. Our
goal is to develop a widely applicable therapy based on the use of antisense oligonucleotides.

From the lab to the benefit of patients

Our proprietary technology is headed towards clinical trials

Our aim is to develop a therapy that has real impact for lung cancer patients. We will fund a spin-off company AON-THERAPEUTICS to guarantee that our research translates into a clinically approved, highly effective treatment.

Experts in translational cancer research

A team of top-class institutions from across Europe

Our consortium brings together multidisciplinary know-how from research and technology transfer.

The latest from our project

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